miércoles, 24 de junio de 2009

Servicing My Wife's Cousin and Her Sister

Sitting in my car with the old lady in the back and her daughter, my wife's cousin, Doreen, in the front beside me I thought it strange that my wife had asked me to run them both home from Doreen's sisters house into town. She was staying with Ella, the sister, until I got back and there was no pressure on me to be back early. Ella was a good looker, petite and black hair who had responded to a flirt I had with her in the car earlier as I brought her down the steep hill from my house to hers. I had stopped on a corner for no particular reason except that I had got horny and wanted to look at her tits. She turned towards me and reacted with a flashing smile and come on body language which was such an instant stimulant that I reached across and touched her neck and shoulder and pulled her close enough to smell her scent and growl lust in her ear before having to disengage sharply, but not before catching her breath escape in a hiss sound like a yes. In fact it was a yes which astounded me as I had never thought I was in with a chance with her, or her sister Doreen either. My sex life was at a extremely low ebb at this time as my wife had gone right off having sex with me although she knew how much I needed it to keep me sane as I was an athletic guy who could if necessary satisfy several women at a time and felt the need to spread my sperm around to stay on an even keel.
On stopping on a red I turned my head back to see that the old lady was fine. My hand was on the gear shift and Doreen reached across and squeezed my hand - hers felt soft and warm on mine but before I could reach out to her nearest thigh the lights changed and we followed the traffic through town for ten minutes until we rolled up at their front door and by then I could feel my best friend stir enough to make his presence felt, by me if no one else.
Not one to let a good opportunity slip I cracked a joke with mum and told her she was looking very good (untrue) and that her daughter was not bad looking either, which she was. Noting that it had the desired effect on both I got out to retrieve the wheel chair from the trunk and pushed mum through the doorway down the hall to the living room and turned in time to watch Doreen come down the hallway having secured the street door. A few words ensured that her Mum was content to be back in her own domain and would not fuss about being left on her own for a while. In fact it looked like the old woman knew just what was going on and approved as the door was pulled shut behind us. In her early thirties, Doreen was slim and sexually attractive despite having had a baby a few years earlier and losing a breast to cancer. She knew how to dress and wear the prosthesis properly and had kept her attractive figure. Her soft top had all the right contours and her skin tight slacks showed off her shapely ass to devastating effect as I put my arm around her waist and pulled her towards me. She giggled as I turned her to face me and opened her legs a little to give my hardening associate access to her soft thighs, two layers of clothes notwithstanding . Both of us were breathing harder and made low murmurings and gasps of pleasure as I reached behind her to stroke her smooth arse cheeks through her slacks and squeeze them enough to extend my cock to its full length and strain to bursting point within my trousers. I couldn't imagine my wife's cousin pulling my steaming engine from its shed so I awkwardly unzipped and popped the fly clip to let her in and catch it in her cool hand and give if a few strokes while I undid the waist fasteners of her slacks and slowly pulled her slacks down so that I could grasp her smooth globular ass cheeks and squeezing them rhythmically and frantically together before slipping two fingers down the crack between them to feel the wetness from her crotch and the firm little circle of muscle just above, gristly almost like a tiny circular piece of squid but warmer and willing to take a tentative finger tip wetted from below going slowly in to the first knuckle them waggling around in tiny circles then pumping in and out of her tight and lovely arse. Fuck, you feel so good I grunted as she lifted herself up slightly to guide my purple knob in to her wet cunt gash which felt like it had been shaved. Her reply was something like Arrgghhh so I pushed my finger further up and in to where it could feel my throbbing knob through the thin membrane of her ass tube as it pumped slowly in and out of her. Her back was against the wall at this time but she brought her legs up around my waist in a scissors motion and held her arms around my neck to take her weight until I slid my hands beneath her and lifted her up to the top of my slippery pole then let her slide obligingly down it. Oh fuckin ell, her tightly ribbed cunny massaged me all the way down and up again as I plunged it up her to the hilt and gripped her ass tightly and pulled her cheeks apart and she nipped my right cheek and let out a low moan followed by a series of short grunts and yelps and cries of fuck me Alan, oh fuck me again and her strong cunt muscles spasmed round my cock root as hot love juice spurted out to soak my ball bag and thighs. My knees trembled as I stood against her pressed against the wall and kept my hard root in her until we had cooled down enough to ease apart. The best thing was that I knew there was another one like her and I knew that they would probably conspire to have me for supper in Doreen's bedroom. Now I carried her into the next room which had a mattress conveniently laid on the floor on which I kneeled and looked up to face her partly shaved private parts glistening with her juices and mine ready for the next course which would involve lots of sucking, licking and probing with stiffened tongue until she climaxed again she lifted one leg right up to give me more room and a better angle to service her which I gladly did. Neither of us thought to worry about her tits and I never discovered that night which one was real as it didn't matter as she more than made up for it in other ways. I had only time for one more quick shag on the mattress before reporting for duty at Ella's place but more about her later.

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